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Premium "OG" Sage Kit

Premium "OG" Sage Kit

Your Premium "OG" Sage Kit Includes:

  • California White Sage 
  • Palo Santo Wood Stick 
  • Meditation Goggles 
  • Handwritten Affirmation Card (Buying this item as gift? Personalize your message for FREE!)
  • Instructions for Sage & Palo Santo 


What is Sage used for?

White sage, best known & most popular of all the smudging herbs, is used for spiritual detoxing and protection. It is also believed by many to assist in attracting both wealth and wisdom. The smoke cleanses either a space or the body/aura, drives away negative energy and helps to recenter with the earth.

What is Palo Santo used for?

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood" & is used in purifying rituals much similar to White sage smudging. It is a pleasantly sweet aromatic wood used to cleanse, get rid of evil spirits & energies and it's smoke is proven to have healing and therapeutic powers.




  • Care Instructions

    DO NOT leave sage and/or palo santo wood stick unattended without being sure they are properly and completely extinguised. DO NOT use around children and/or pregnant women. Leave in ziploc storage packet when not using for maximum freshness.

  • Return Policy

    Absolutely NO Returns, Exchanges, or Refunds. Please email all order inquiries to

  • Shipping


    Tracking numbers will be sent to the email on file once payment processes.

    Shipping takes approx 3-4 business days for United States

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