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You're Not the Boss

#MentalHealthMonday Power & Control Series (Sept 14, 2020 - October 5, 2020)

To kick off our first series of Mental Health Monday, I felt it was important for me to first touch on manipulation & power abuse to stress the importance of being in charge of your own mind, body & soul. You should be sure to not become a victim of these things, but it's equally imperative to understand that you cannot possibly have extreme controlling issues, (especially in a relationship) and simultaneously control your own destiny. It simply does not work. To learn more take a look at the graphics below containing information from our LIVE discussions.


Please understand this is including but not limited to.


Physical VS Emotional Abuse

Physical Abuse: Any touch not given in love, respect, & dignity.

Emotional Abuse: Any communication, reprimand, or reproof, that does not uplift, edify, or bring conflict resolution.


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